Corporate solution: chat center within your infrastructure

SaaS vs Enterprise


The system runs on shared servers of the Chat2Desk infrastructure.

The Internet providers and the technical characteristics of the servers are regulated by Chat2Desk.

White label under the Chat2Desk brand

Customization is limited by the Chat2Desk roadmap.

Data protection is provided by Chat2Desk.


The system is deployed on your own servers.

The technical characteristics of the servers are limited by their infrastructure.

Private label under your brand

Customization does not depend on Chat2Desk

Data protection depends on your infrastructure

Enterprise Benefits

Personal data

Personal data is placed on a local network without external access

Speed and stability

No dependence on intermediaries, suppliers and other centers in a data path


Modify your own software to suit your needs


Connect Chat2Desk to any software in your infrastructure


Active Directory

Power BI

Among others

Unlimited customization

Unlimited customization of functions

Integrations with any external software and CRMP systems Unlimited customization of functions

Changes in the Chat2Desk interface

Your own website widget design

Infrastructure requirements

Physical or virtual servers to expand the infrastructure

Developers from both parties to deploy the service

Software: we use universal solutions compatible with any software.

No problem if you don't have developers or infrastructure: we'll help you deploy servers


Enterprise — CapEx

The corporate solution is CapEx: the investment is more profitable than SaaS in 2-3 years.