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Provides customer support on WhatsApp ™ Business API, Instagram ™, Telegram ™, Facebook ™ Messenger and free online chat. 7 days free trial.

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Consolidate your instant messaging in a single channel.

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URL Tracking

This unique feature will allow you to track from which URL your customer started the dialog with your company.
URL tracking works on all Instant Messengers.

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Manage your
Direct Messages and Comenataries
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Chat Bot

Speed up the response, minimize costs and respond in a more intelligent way with the use of our Chat Bot, which allows you to create automatic and intelligent responses by creating menus where the customer can select information of their interest

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Different online chat designs

Welcome to our new online chat!
You can customize your wallpapers and chat bubbles. Header and footer can be disabled for minimalistic look and feel.

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Whasts App Business API

Communicate through the world's most widely used chat application, using WhatsApp for your company's messaging opens the door to better communication, leading to better customer engagement, increased trust and long-term customer relationships.

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Increase your sales

Rapid lead acquisition and conversion using ChatBots

Customer Service

Improve your Contact Center by attending all instant messaging services

Sales tunnels

We improve Digital Marketing, you already have leads, now automate your sales process to close and collect payment through Bots.

Increase your productivity using instant messaging


Chat vs Call?

In Mexico 54% of internet users use Whatsapp, 36% use Facebook Messenger. Reach the communication channels that your customers usually prefer.


Enriching Communication

Give customers the ability to communicate with your company through images, text and voice notes.


A step into the future

65% of people use instant messaging to communicate on a daily basis. Don't make them call or email you.


Increased revenues

Thanks to instant messaging channels you will serve your customers faster - a new source of revenue.


Una bandeja de entrada

Todas las comunicaciones en una sola Consola Central: fáciles de monitorear, rastrear estadísticas, aumentar la eficiencia


Tu marca

Cuando su cliente se comunique, verá su logotipo y el nombre de la empresa.



of Chat2Desk

Self-service menu (like IVR) – Vídeo

Custom chat bots and automation scripts

 API for integration with your system (description)

 Mobile application – Telegram-bot starts Chat2desk Login

  Personalized automatic response to the customer.

Analysis of operator reaction time and application processing time.

 Widget within the site for instant messengers. (Vídeo-Demo) and online chat (Vídeo-Demo)

 Smart templates for quick responses

Widget on your Web Portal

In a quick and easy way. Try contacting us through the widget in the corner of the screen.

ChatBots and Scripts

ChatBots – You will simulate a conversation with humans and will be able to offer important information to your customers, you will be able to automatically answer your customers' questions using keywords.

Friendly interface to design and create your Bots.

Scripts – Extend your customer service logic by using mechanisms to automate your customers' requests.

Filtering by content (bank card numbers, spam, checkmate), routing the customer to operator ACD groups, access to external applications to obtain information such as balances, movements, account statements, product existence, etc.

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